AKHS Reviews

Here are some reviews of products made with Alaskan herbs and Alaska Herbal Solutions.

Popular Poplar, Borealis Bruise, and Whale of a Wound Balms

My daughter and I love the balms! I especially love the Poplar Balm for imperfections on my face. It works fast! My daughter loves the Wound Balm and Bruise Balm for her cuts and bruises. This stuff really works! Thanks Larissa!

Popular Poplar Balm and Borealis Bruise Balm

I was very surprised at how well this works. I tend to be very skeptical of things like nutritional supplements, home remedies, and over-the-counter cures in general; but these balms overcame my “reverse placebo effect” and worked really well. They helped a great deal with my severe arthritis; and seemed to speed healing on a couple of injuries as well. I’ve become a very satisfied customer. I am sharing these balms with friends and will continue.

Knowledge of Alaskan herbs

Larissa is a wealth of information. I so appreciate learning more about the health and healing benefits of plants from our state. I am also a fan of her artwork ~ looking forward to doing more business with you Larissa!